Report: Japan's Emerging Dominant Electronics Companies

About the Report:

This report provides a rebuttal of the argument that Japan's electronics industry has been in decline since the early 1990s. Although observers of Japan's electronics industry frequently tie the overall health of the industry to the performance of Japan's largest electronics companies (Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, etc.), a very different picture can be garnered by studying the new wave of smaller, younger and more dynamic electronics companies emerging from Japan. Each of these new companies has its own highly-specialised area of expertise, be it sapphire crystals, 3D/2D graphics and computing intellectual property (IP) cores for screens, innovative batteries, or micro-electric mechanical system (MEMS), etc. In addition, these companies act as key suppliers to many globally-revered brands such as Apple, Boeing, Tesla, Samsung, Intel, Toyota, Microsoft, Siemens, and many more. Although readers of this report are unlikely to recognise many of the companies in this report, their accomplishments to date are evident to those familiar with Japan's electronics industry, and their achievements are particularly remarkable given that most have them have only been founded over the last 25 years.

About the Expert:

Jay Nelson is Senior Editor at "Success Stories: Japan", a New York-based agency which provides an executive newsletter service aimed at helping foreign companies to be more competitive and to succeed on the Japanese market.

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