Report: Newspace Market in Japan

About the Report 

Over the past five years, there has been a rapid evolution in the Japanese space sector. The emergence of "Newspace" players in Japan has attracted significant investments from both domestic and foreign sources. However, this growth has not been without its challenges. The focus of Japanese space industry on large projects has limited the adaptability to smaller spacecrafts. As a result, many of the Newspace players are unable to cover their development needs and tend to seek support overseas through outsourcing and recruitment.

This study aims to evaluate the present challenges and prospects encountered by Japanese space organizations and identify areas where European players can contribute significantly. It will furnish instances of how Japanese companies are presently tackling these challenges, considering both economic and regulatory aspects. To customize their offerings for Japanese companies, it will be crucial for European players to comprehend the primary sources of funding and Japan’s space policy.

About the Experts: Alejandro Sela, Co-Founder, JAOPS. Alejandro Fernandez Sela holds an MBA in Aerospace from EOI Madrid and has nearly two decades of experience in the Space Sector. With comprehensive expertise spanning all stages of space product development, he has successfully contributed to various aspects, ranging from initial conceptual design to decommissioning. His extensive background encompasses Operations, Marketing, Testing, and Integration.

Mr. Sela has worked with organizations such as NASA, JAXA, and ESA, where he played a pivotal role in constructing Flight hardware that is currently operational on diverse missions. His most recent engagements with multiple emerging Japanese space companies have provided him with invaluable insights into the unique challenges and obstacles faced by these firms in pursuit of their objectives.

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