25-02-2014 | 10:30 - 11:30 Brussels time

What are the major Entry Strategies and which legal structure in Japan is optimal for my business requirements? 

There are various Entry Strategies that a company can adopt when approaching Japan. Each strategy has its own levels of costs, benefits, risks and legal/tax issues, to be assessed carefully. The most appropriate method is usually determined by the market potential, the company’s degree of international expertise as well as the resources available. Most SMEs use the direct exporting strategy by engaging an agent or a distributor but there are other options, which we will cover during the webinar and for which we will give specific and practical information, according to the following three categories:

  • Part I - Direct Sales Approach: Representative or Liaison Offices, Branch Offices, Subsidiaries (Kabushiki Kaisha versus Godo Kaisha) & E-commerce or E-business Operations.
  • Part II – Indirect Sales Approach: Agents, Distributors & Trading Companies.
  • Part III – Strategic Alliances & Partnerships: Informal & Formal Partnerships, Licensing & Franchising Agreements, M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions) & Joint-Ventures.

The webinar is targeted to EU companies approaching the Japanese Market or reviewing their options in terms of Japan Entry Strategy.

Registration deadline is 21/02/2014.

What you will learn during this webinar?

In 40 minutes from your desk, discover:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each Entry Strategy?
  • Does my company really need an office? What are the benefits and costs for the business?
  • What type of legal structure is available for direct sales and partnerships in Japan?
  • Which are the most common (4) Market Entry Scenarios?
  • Which criteria or parameters (4) impact the choice of a business structure?


  • Introduction
  • Expert’s presentation
  • Q&A Session
  • Conclusion


Speaker:  Philippe HUYSVELD, Senior Consultant & CEO, GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting) - HUYSVELD Philippe

Organiser: EU-JAPAN CENTRE for Industrial Cooperation – EU-based Office (Brussels)

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