15-09-2015 | 10:30 - 11:30 GMT +1

How can a company secure credits in doing a business in Japan? 

Rules upon international trade transactions are governed by Incoterms of the International Chamber of Commerce. On the other hand, domestic business and commercial transactions in Japan are governed by Japanese laws and statutes. In making business transactions, management of credits and liabilities are one of the most essential factors needed to successfully operate a business. No matter how successful a company is in sales performance; if it fails to manage its credits & liabilities properly, the business results can end up with a poor statement of accounts or even weaken the sustainability of the business. In order to hedge these potential risks, a company needs to be knowledgeable about and utilize the relevant laws and statutes, and prepare contracts to properly manage potential risks and make them as beneficial as possible.

This webinar is targeted at EU companies seeking to launch and successfully operate a business in Japan.

What will you learn during this webinar?

In 40 minutes from your desk, discover:

  • An outline of jurisprudence of Japan in regard to credits & liabilities
  • The laws and statues in regard to credits & liabilities and types and functions of contracts
  • Revisions of The Civil Code prospected in the near future   
  • Types of dispute resolutions in regard to credits & liabilities
  • Points to be considered upon contract provisions to secure credits


  • Introduction
  • Expert’s presentation
  • Q&A Session
  • Conclusion

Speaker: Michio MATSUZAKI, Representative Partner, Japanseekers, LLC.
Organiser: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation - Brussels Office

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