Partnership Opportunities: Japanese Profiles of the Month

A Japanese Contract Research Organization that focuses on functional food is open to various types of research and development cooperation

A Japanese Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialized in functional food research and development offers contract research agreements to conduct clinical trials on health/functional food or contract service agreements to assist in business expansion by providing regulatory affairs services, market research services and study group organisation services to potential partners. The company is seeking to expand its market outside Japan and is looking for EU partners in the health food sector.

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Educational toy from Japan to help toddlers and pre-schoolers learn programming

A Japanese company has designed an educational toy that aids young children in grasping skills related to programming. The toy has the form of a robot which is used to play a puzzle-like game which does not require any language skills. It uses universal signs, pictures, and sounds to convey programming concepts making it suitable for toddlers and pre-school children. The company is looking to expand to the EU and wishes to engage in commercial agency and distribution services agreements. 

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A Japanese company in the industrial automation market is looking for automation solutions such as robotics peripherals

The Japanese company is a major player in their domestic industrial automation market and is currently looking for relevant products and technologies in the EU to expand their product line-up. The company is particularly interested in robotics and its peripherals such as sensors and safety equipment that make innovative usage of IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 solutions.

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A Japanese trading company is seeking EU suppliers of chemicals and compounds for the electronics sector

A Japanese trading company would like to partner with an EU company providing chemicals and compounds for the manufacturing of electrodes and other applications in the electronics sector. They wish to represent this EU partner on the Japanese market in the form of a commercial agency or distribution services agreement. They are looking for a partner who can supply both high quality chemicals and compounds. The products should be able to accommodate Japanese users’ demands, which means that the Japanese company seeks value-added products rather than inexpensive bulk products.

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Japanese company is seeking EU partners for their oligonucleotide related products

This Japanese company has an oligonucleotide synthesis technology which was developed based on their proprietary raw materials. The advantage is that they resolved many issues the conventional oligonucleotide synthesis methods had. Oligonucleotide synthesis applies in both the pharma industry and academia research sectors. The company seeks EU partners who can help them represent, distribute, and manufacture products produced with this synthesis technology.

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