Vulcanus in Europe – host a Japanese intern and broaden your horizons in research and development

The EU-Japan Centre is excited to announce the opening of the recruitment campaign for the next 'Vulcanus in Europe' session which will take place in 2025. 

Next year, the Vulcanus programme will bring over 12 graduate and postgraduate students in science, technology or engineering from all over Japan to Europe. With its world-renowned engineering and hi-tech industries, Japan has some of the best universities in this field, helping to shape a brighter future in science. Thanks to Vulcanus, you will have the opportunity to get close to one of the best students from these universities who will finally collaborate with your research and development team in person.

Don't miss the chance to host a Vulcanus intern.

Take the opportunity to benefit from a different culture and see problems from a different perspective. This is your chance to start building a solid bridge to the Japanese working culture and business market!

Given the broad range of studies on offer, Vulcanus is open to all sectors of industry and to companies of all sizes.

It is you who will choose your students: The EU-Japan Centre will help you throughout the process by offering you a shortlist of interns specific to your company. This will be based on the students' field of study, academic scores, personal background and the recommendations of their mentors.

Furthermore, before joining you, students will undergo an intensive language course in your company's working language, to facilitate an immediate integration with your team.

Don't miss this opportunity! Check out our website at the link below or email us at

The traineeship will last 6 months, from Mid-September 2025 to mid-March 2026.

The application deadline is set on 23 September 2024.

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