Report: 6G in Japan

About the Report 

Japan wants to become the leading nation in 6G. Beyond 5G (6G) is the next generation of information and communications infrastructure to be introduced in the 2030s and is expected to form the basis for all industrial and social activities. Beyond 5G (6G) is not just an extension of conventional mobile communications but is an integrated network encompassing wired, wireless, land, sea, air, and space.

In addition to further upgrading the features of 5G, such as 'high speed and high capacity', 'low latency', and 'multiple simultaneous connections', new features such as 'ultra-low power consumption', 'scalability of communication coverage', 'autonomy', and 'ultra-safety and reliability' are expected to be realised.

This report is provided for individuals and organisations in the EU interested in understanding the 6G status in Japan to eventually market and sell products and services related to 6G in Japan. The document will describe the present situation for 6G in Japan, significant players, possible trends, opportunities, and challenges.

About the Expert: 

Sven Eriksson, founder of Keison International. Mr. Eriksson is born in Stockholm, Sweden, and took a master's degree at Tokyo University, Japan, in 1976. He has worked for the national Swedish Telecom Operator, Eurotherm Plc, UK, and the Telecom company Ericsson, in Sweden, England, Germany, and Japan. He spent more than 40 years in Japan, and his last assignment was as Vice President of Ericsson in Japan with responsibility for new business development.
He retired in 2012 and now, together with some old colleagues, helps small and medium-sized European companies enter the Japanese market.

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