'About Japan' webinar series 193: Clean Technology mapping in Japan
What are the contours and key technologies in the Clean Technology industry, and what opportunities does the Japanese market offer to EU SMEs?
10:30 - 11:30
Case Study: AVAESEN / Cluster / Search for Partners in Japan



Case Study: MEBIUS d.o.o.: a Slovenian SME

MEBIUS – from SL

The Slovenian R&D company Mebius is a develop

Fossil Energy

 Latest update: July 2023 

Renewable Energy

 Latest update: July 2023 

Report: Clean Technology mapping in Japan
Japan’s renewables market has experienced substantial growth over the past decade across most of the industry’s segments. This provides opportunities to EU SMEs interested in the market.
Report: Energy Storage Landscape in Japan
The aim of this report is to provide an overview of the energy storage market in Japan, address market's characteristics, key success factors as well as challenges and opportunities in this sector.
Report: Hydro, Tidal and Wave Energy in Japan
This report presents the hydro and marine energy market in Japan.
Report: Hydrogen Technology Market in Japan
This report aims to analyse the current status of hydrogen technology in Japan.
Report: Renewable Energies in Japan

About the Report

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the renewable

Report: Smart Cities in Japan
This report assesses the potential for EU-Japan cooperation and business development within the smart cities sector.
Report: Solar energy, energy storage and virtual power plants in Japan
The report takes a close look at the characteristics and trends of this sector.
Report: The Japanese Clean Energy Sector Development

About the Report

Report: The Japanese Solar PV Market
This report aims to clarify the recent evolutions in the Japanese renewable energy/PV market, and its implications for potential European investors.
Report: The Market for Biogas Plants in Japan and Opportunities for EU Companies

About the Report 

Report: the Microalgae - Biomass Industry in Japan
The report presents the profile of the Microalgae and Microalgal Biomass Industry in Japan.
Report: Wind energy in Japan Industrial cooperation and business potential for European companies
The report maps Japanese key players of the wind energy sector and presents business opportunities the market holds.
Smart Grid & Smart City

 Latest update: August 2022 

Webinar 166: The Market for Biogas Plants in Japan and Opportunities for EU Companies

What business opportunities does the Japanese biogas market offer to

10:30 - 11:30
Webinar 21: Water & Water Treatment

What are the main trends and characteristics of the Japanese water treatm

10:30 - 11:30
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