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'About Japan' webinar series 216: Importance and Advantages of Interim Management for Strategic Business Development in Japan
What are the Advantages and Typical Use Cases of Interim Management for Business Development in Japan?
10:30 - 11:30
'EPA Helpdesk' webinar series 46: Human Resources Mobility

What are the opportunities the EPA’s Human Resources Mobility provides to European

10:30 - 11:30
Discover the new programme - Get Ready for Japan

Get an in-depth understanding on how to do business in Japan

The Japanese education system depends heavily on private funding and, while secondary schools are of a good standard, higher education is losing ground at an international level.
EPA & Human Resources Mobility
Information on human resources mobility after the effect of the EPA.
Factsheet: EPA & Contractual Service Suppliers
Contractual Service Suppliers and Independent Professionals of the EU are allowed to supply services and engage in business activities in Japan.
Factsheet: EPA & Independent Professionals
Strong interest for companies posting their managers or specialists.
Factsheet: EPA & Intra-Corporate Transferees
The EU-Japan EPA grants access to professionals beyond what is secured by GATS.
Factsheet: EPA & Investors and Business Visitors for Investment Purposes
Access for business visitors for investment purposes (BVIP) is outlined in the treaty for those employed by firms doing business in Japan and the European Union.
Factsheet: EPA & Short-term Business Visitors
The EU-Japan EPA grants professionals from EU countries access to Japan beyond what is secured by GATS.
Get Ready For Japan (GRFJ)

The 2-week "Get Ready for Japan" scheme offers EU managers the unique opportunity to ex

Human Resources
In order to succeed in Japan you must have a thorough knowledge of Japanese human resources procedures, especially regarding wages, working hours, resignation, and the management of labour-related disputes when starting a business and hiring staff.
Labour-related Insurance
When foreigners establish sole proprietorships and corporations in Japan, public insurance is required for their dependents, and employees.
Labour-Related Law
Labour-related laws in Japan are quite extensive and govern different aspects of every hiring step as well as leave, contracts forms, working hours etc.
Online Education

 Latest update: July 2023 

Presentation: Changes in Japanese Business Culture
This presentation provides an overview of recent trends and changes in Japan's business culture.
Report: Human Resources Finding the Right Executives
This report will guide European companies through the recruitment and selection process of their executives in Japan.
Report: Human Resources in Japan Legal Aspects

About the Report

This report covers the essential legal aspects of Human Resour

Visa & Status of Residence
This section will provide you with all the necessary information about visas and residency in Japan. Information on the new points-based system which grants preferential treatment to highly-skilled professionals is also provided.
Webinar 15: Human Resources in Japan

What are the legal requirements you should comply with when addre

10:30 - 11:30
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