EPA & Automotive - What are the specific Rules of Origin for vehicle and vehicle parts?
EPA - how to benefit of new tariffs - EU importer tasks
EPA - How to check EPA new tariffs for my imports from Japan?
EPA - Private shipments from Japan
EPA - What are the tariffs for importing sake in the EU?
EPA - What are the tariffs for used cars, vehicles imported in the EU?
EPA - Why do I have to pay import taxes even if there is a free trade agreement?
EPA Handbook: A guide to help EU SMEs import Japanese products
Would you like to start importing food or non-food stuffs from Japan, but are unsure what 'preferential tariff treatment', 'rules of origin' and 'HS codes' are?
Importing a Product or Service
Japan is the world’s third largest economy and is well renowned for the quality, precision and reliability of its goods and services. The entrance into force of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement in 2019 made it easier for EU companies to import Japanese products.
Japanese Food and Beverage Days 2022
The EU-Japan Centre is organizing the second “Japanese Food and Beverage Days” online matching event for European companies interested in Japanese food and beverages.
Report: Importing Japanese Food into the EU
This report examines key questions on Japanese food products.
Webinar 56: Importing Japanese Food into the EU

What Japanese food should I import to the EU?

Japanese food has

10:30 - 11:30
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