Report: Clean Technology mapping in Japan

About the Report 

Since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Fukushima nuclear disaster, and subsequent energy reforms affecting the future direction of Japan’s energy landscape, clean-tech markets for renewable energy, storage, energy infrastructure, and ancillary services have seen substantial growth, dispersion, diversification, and maturity-growth.

Overall, Japan’s renewables market has experienced substantial growth over the past decade across most of the industry’s segments. Furthermore, this growth is expected to have substantial macroeconomic knock-on effects, as energy infrastructure R&D and reforms lead to both increased energy output and increased employment demand, capital expenditure demand, and demand for human capital and R&D.

This provides opportunities to EU SMEs interested in Japan’s market, which have a diverse range of market-entrance possibilities, ranging from participation in the R&D landscape, to participation in the establishment or support for new energy technologies, to provision of energy generation and storage at various scale-levels, and using various technologies.

About the Experts

Max Berre is an expert economist currently affiliated to Audencia Business School in Nantes and to the University of Lyon, with years of Japan-related research and experience. Mr Berre is experienced with financial, entrepreneurial, and commercial-regulatory infrastructure of OECD countries. He has expertise in empirical methodology relating to financial markets, energy markets, valuation, regulation, and multi-sector economic models. He has degrees in Economics, Banking and Finance, Competition Law, and International Relations.

Daniel Shulman leads Shulman Advisory and has nearly 15 years of experience in the Japanese energy market. He is supported by a fully bilingual team and a number of well-established partner companies in helping foreign companies and other stakeholders thrive in the Japanese energy market.


Picture: Komekurayama Solar Power Plant in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, Creative Commons


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