Report: Marketing Challenges when targeting the Japanese market

About the Report 

Japan has the 3rd largest GDP worldwide, its population is over 125million, bigger than any single EU country. It’s the fifth largest market for Made-in-Italy products and France exports over €0.5bn of wine annually. Japanese consumers love brands whether they be in food, personal care products like cosmetics, fashion, luxury goods or cars.

The EU-Japan EPA has eliminated or reduced many regulations and tariffs, making the Japanese market an easier market for both sides to trade. An opportunity has arisen.

In this report, it is assumed that FMCG and lifestyle products are the main focus. Success in these categories requires a deep and ongoing understanding of the consumer. By ‘marketing,’ the authors mean developing and adapting the offer to meet the needs of local consumers as well as encouraging them to buy, and repeat buy through communication and promotional activities.

About the Experts

Rupert Sutton and Hiro Tsujioka, Directors, Weben Partners. Weben Partners works with the world’s leading consumer businesses on market insights, brand and route to market plus capability development. Rupert and Hiro are both based in Japan.

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