Report: Opportunities rising from new products developments through R&D projects between European SMEs and Japanese companies

About the Report 

The main objective of this report is to show and analyze the opportunity that exists in the creation of new products through technological projects between Japanese companies and European SMEs. The implementation of these projects is based on a bilateral collaboration scheme where there will be support with experience, processes and technology that will allow the development of new products. It will seek to highlight the importance of this collaboration in promoting innovation, business development and internationalization of European SMEs. Through case studies and concrete examples, it will illustrate how this strategic alliance can benefit both parties and contribute to business growth in a globalized context.

About the Expert: 

José Gutierrez, Managing Director of EMC TEIN2 and Prof. of Innovation Management at Nebrija University (Madrid, Spain). Mr. Gutierrez has a long track record of R&D and Innovation projects with European companies and institutions. He is also author of three books about Japanese companies, published by Shacho Kai and sponsored by Suiyo Kai, with participation of JETRO, as well as two papers about Japanese management attitudes, published by Elsevier. He teaches about Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Intercultural topics in Europe, America and Asia, and he is regular lecturer at universities of Spain (Nebrija, ESIC and UCIII- Madrid), Japan (YCU- Yokohama and IUJ- Niigata) and America (ESDEN- Mexico City and Bogotá-Colombia).

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