Report: The Japanese market of single-use plastic products and potential substitutes

Marine pollution from plastic waste is a growing concern that is attracting more and more attention. Japan is a world leader producer and consumer of plastic and disposable products, and its shores are sensitive to marine pollution. Recently, the country shared its conviction that marine pollution is not a problem that can be solved by one country alone but requires international collaboration, particularly with developing countries. This report analyses the Japanese market of single-use plastic products and potential substitutes, focusing on the items targeted by the EU, with the aim of identifying opportunities for innovative European SMEs offering alternative solutions. As a first step, the report considers the international context affecting Japan. The second section of this report focuses on disposable plastic products specifically targeted by the new European rules in Japan. Finally, the report provides an overview of potential business opportunities and makes recommendations for European small and medium-sized enterprises.

About the Expert:

Christine Yolin has been living in Tokyo since 2013. She has over 8 years of relevant work experience in the environmental field (with a focus on waste management), and has worked in different places such as government related organizations. Ms has also been involved in projects introducing Japanese and European waste management best practices to developing countries.

The recording of the past webinar covering this topic is available for online viewers here(Once you are logged in, look for the link below the "After event information") 

Picture: Plastic bottles
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