'About Japan' webinar series 202: How to Draft a Distribution Agreement and Agency Agreement with Japanese Partners
Is there a large home fashion and decoration market in Japan and is it worth the effort for EU companies? Especially now after the pandemic? Yes, in so many ways…
10:30 - 11:30
Distribution Channels
If you want to sell your product in Japan, you need to be familiar with all the available distribution channels.
Export to Japan 15: Markets, Distribution System and Sales Channels for B2B and B2C

Various EU products and services began to enjoy benefits from the EU-Japan Econ

10:30 - 11:00
Preparing to expand a business overseas requires more than just attention to financial issues. Cultural awareness and an understanding of the market are vital.
Presentation: The Realities of Business in Japan
This presentation will outline and explain the various distribution channels which are available to you for your business venture in or with Japan.
Report: Distribution Channels for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
This report discusses many of the main management and strategic issues for EU FMCG companies seeking to improve distribution in Japan.
Report: Distribution in Japan
This report issued by Thomson Reuters is written as an informative Q&A and provides comprehensive information on many aspects of the distribution process in Japan.
Report: Frozen Food Market in Japan (incl. Ice Cream)
The report will provide information on recent trends and developments in the frozen food and ice cream market including possibilities for EU SMEs.
Report: How to Draft a Distribution Agreement and Agency Agreement with Japanese Partners
This report provides with the appropriate tools to choose between an Agency or a Distribution Agreement when doing business with a Japanese partner. It also provides the specific terminology (kanji) to distinguish between Distributor and Agency.
Report: Japanese Convenience Stores and Drugstores: Opportunities for European Snack and Beverage Products under Corona
This report presents an overview of trends and opportunities on the Japanese convenience store and drugstore market under the Corona pandemic and delivers strategic insight, tactical guidance and real-life examples of how to succeed in the Japanese convenience store and drugstore market.
Selling Through Intermediaries
If establishing a local office in Japan does not seem like the right solution, it might be wise to use an intermediary. But the choice of such an intermediary should be made with caution, as there are vast differences between the different types of partners you might find.
Webinar 164: Japanese convenience stores and drugstores–Opportunities for European snack and beverage products under Corona

Do you want strategic insight, tactical guidance and real-life exampl

10:30 - 11:30
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