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About the Report:

Report: Importing Japanese Food into the EU
This report examines key questions on Japanese food products.
Report: Internet of Things (IoT) Market in Japan
This report provides an overview of the Internet of Things (Iot) market in Japan.
Report: IoT market in Japan
This report presents an analysis of the Internet of Things (IoT) market in Japan.
Report: IoT Market in Japan
This report is provided for SMEs in the EU planning to market and sell their IoT products in Japan. The document will describe the market, opportunities, and challenges.
Report: Japan as a Hub for the Asian Market for European Companies
This report focuses on explaining how European companies can take advantage of Japanese government initiatives and benefit from making Japan their business hub location for the Asian market.
Report: Japan Bioventures Landscape
The report intends to be a useful source of information for European SMEs and clusters considering potential cooperation with Japan.
Report: Japan ICT Market Entry and Business Development Guide for European Companies
This guide is the product of extensive hands-on research on the topic of how to enter the Japanese ICT market.
Report: Japan's Circularity
This report gives an overview of Japan's current awareness of circularity and its circular economy policy framework
Report: Japan's Clothing and Textile Market
This report will provide readers with a clear overview of the size of the Japanese apparel and textile market, the potential and opportunities, as well as lists of retail targets – and the distributors and trading companies that could partner in reaching them.
Report: Japan's Emerging Dominant Electronics Companies
This report provides a rebuttal of the argument that Japan's electronics industry has been in decline since the early 1990s.
Report: Japan's Home Fashion & Furniture Market
Because competition between retailers is intensifying, demand for new and exciting products from the EU not yet sold in Japan is increasing. There has never been a better time to sell to Japan.
Report: Japan's Performing Visual Arts Sector
The purpose of this report is to compose a practical Japan entry guide for Arts professionals in Europe who are regularly involved with international shows and event organisation.
Report: Japan's Premium Food market
This report targets EU food companies seeking to find new export markets, in this case Japan.
Report: Japanese acquisitions of European companies
This report outlines how managers in European SMEs might prepare for acquisition by a Japanese company and the reasons of these acquisitions in Europe.
Report: Japanese competence centers in bioinformatics and computational biology
This report provides an overview of the Japanese competence centers in bioinformatics and computational biology.
Report: Japanese Consumers' Behavior (by age and gender)
This report provides an overview of the current situation on the Japanese consumer market (as of January 2021).
Report: Japanese Convenience Stores and Drugstores: Opportunities for European Snack and Beverage Products under Corona
This report presents an overview of trends and opportunities on the Japanese convenience store and drugstore market under the Corona pandemic and delivers strategic insight, tactical guidance and real-life examples of how to succeed in the Japanese convenience store and drugstore market.
Report: Japanese Cosmetics Market Obstacles and Opportunities for European SMEs
The report attempts to provide an overview of the Japanese cosmetic market.
Report: Japanese Electronics Sector

About the Report:

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