Report: FDI Incentives by Prefecture

About the Report:

Report: FDI Incentives by Prefecture 2022
This report will provide you with a concise summary of FDI incentives in Japan organised by prefecture.
Report: Financing Opportunities for EU SMEs' Internationalisation in Japan

About the Report 

Report: Financing Sources for EU SMEs in Japan
This report examines the possibilities of financing coming from many sources of potential support.
Report: Fintech Market in Japan
What business opportunities does the Japanese Fintech market offer to EU SMEs?
Report: From Understanding to Navigating Japanese Business Culture
This report provides a comprehensive overview on cultural differences between Japan and Europe in order to help European SMEs accelerate the speed and quality of collaborative arrangements with Japanese partners.
Report: Frozen Food Market in Japan (incl. Ice Cream)
The report will provide information on recent trends and developments in the frozen food and ice cream market including possibilities for EU SMEs.
Report: Guide to Double Taxation Conventions between the EU and Japan
The purpose of this document is to increase the understanding of double taxation, allowing readers to raise their concerns more accurately regarding double-taxation with their respective accountants.
Report: Healthcare and Welfare Cluster Mapping and Industry Landscape in Japan
This report attempts to map the healthcare and welfare systems of Japan.
Report: Honey Market in Japan
What opportunities does the Japanese honey market offer to EU SMEs?
Report: How to Advertise in Japan
In Japan, the advertising industry is dominated by the giant Japanese agencies.
Report: How To Be Successful In Japan’s Machinery Industry
This report is intended to assist EU companies in entering into and consolidating their presence within the Japanese machinery industry.
Report: How to Draft a Distribution Agreement and Agency Agreement with Japanese Partners
This report provides with the appropriate tools to choose between an Agency or a Distribution Agreement when doing business with a Japanese partner. It also provides the specific terminology (kanji) to distinguish between Distributor and Agency.
Report: How to Export to Japan (Food Sector) - Quick Guide 2022
It has been 3 years since the EPA entered into force. The EU food sector is one of the major industries benefiting from the agreement.
Report: How to open a representative office in Japan
This report gives comprehensive and practical step-by-step guidelines for European SMEs that are considering how to invest and open a representative office in Japan.
Report: Human Assistant Robotics in Japan
The aim of this report is to provide with an overview of the Japanese human assistant robotics market
Report: Hydro, Tidal and Wave Energy in Japan
This report presents the hydro and marine energy market in Japan.
Report: Hydrogen and fuel cells in Japan
The Japanese government is promoting the use of the hydrogen as a clean and alternative energy vector. It is the key for reducing energy procurement.
Report: Hydrogen Technology Market in Japan
This report aims to analyse the current status of hydrogen technology in Japan.
Report: ICT - Security
The subject of this report is the ICT security market in Japan.
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