Report: Automobile and Transport Cluster Mapping and Industry
This report presents an overview of the Automobile and Transport Cluster and Industry Landscape in Japan.
Report: Baby Goods Market in Japan
This report aims at providing an overview of the current baby goods market in Japan.
Report: Biotech Cluster Mapping and Industry Landscape
This report provides an overview of the bio cluster landscape in Japan.
Report: Biotechnology Market in Japan
This report presents an overview of the Biotechnology market in Japan.
Report: Blockchain in Japan
The report aims to map out the current progress of Japan in this promising market. 
Report: Building a Professional Network in Japan
What are the fundamentals of networking in Japan?
Report: Business partnership and technology transfer opportunities in the Space sector between EU and Japan

About the Report:

This report proposes the best way of pursuing EU-Japan indust

Report: Cell technology, cell therapy, tissue engineering and gene therapy in Japan
This report is primarily concerned with developments, market trends and regulations within the Japanese cell technology, cell therapy, tissue engineering and gene therapy sectors.
Report: Ceramic Products Market in Japan
This report analyses Japanese ceramic market, with a main focus on ceramic tableware, wall and floor tiles and bio-ceramics.
Report: Circular Economy in Japan
This report introduces the current situation and provides an overview of the Circular Economy in Japan.
Report: Clean Technology mapping in Japan
Japan’s renewables market has experienced substantial growth over the past decade across most of the industry’s segments. This provides opportunities to EU SMEs interested in the market.
Report: Cloud Computing, Big Data Management and IoT
Information and Communication Technology is the biggest and fastest growing business segment in Japan.
Report: Coffee, Tea and Soft Drinks Market in Japan
This report assess the current status of the Japanese coffee, tea and soft drinks markets.
Report: Confectionery Market in Japan
What opportunities does the Japanese confectionery market offer to EU SMEs?
Report: Contract Management Vol. 2 "Protection of Consumers' Rights"
This report is intended to help EU companies which sell and/or purchase goods and/or services for business purposes, such as reselling, manufacturing, providing services in Japan.
Report: Contract Management Vol. 3 Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
This report aims to help European companies to better understand the system of intellectual property rights (IPR) in Japan.
Report: Contract Management Vol. 4 Real Estate Transactions
The goal of this report is to provide with the basic knowledge of the legal framework for real estate transactions in Japan.
Report: Cross Cultural Issues
This report titled gives an overview of basic Japanese business etiquette.
Report: Cross-cultural awareness and the importance of corporate culture
This report focuses on the link between a strategic company plan for business with Japan, and the cross-cultural differences (business and private) between the home market and Japan.
Report: Cultural Approach to Dealing with Japanese Business
This report provides with an overview of Japanese business culture with a focus on differences that occur between SMEs and large companies.
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