Report: Opportunities for EU Companies in Japan’s Organic Food & Beverage Market

About the Report 

Report: Opportunities for European SMEs on the Japanese Jewellery Market
This report provides an overview of the Japanese jewellery market, including key market segments, strategic price points, current market trends and future direction of the market.
Report: Opportunities in Japan's Prefectures and Special Economic Zones

About the Report

This report, titled "A Practical Gu

Report: Opportunities in nine digital technology areas
The report has the purpose to show a map of opportunities for venture firms, universities and research institutes in the EU to conduct knowledge transfer with Japanese counterparts in nine digital technology areas.
Report: Packaging for the food market in Japan
This report examines conditions for exporting food packaging to Japan, whether as part of a food shipment or for selling to food manufacturers in Japan.
Report: Pet Products Market in Japan
Japan’s pet industry is one of the largest in the world, worth over JPY1.65 trillion (Euro1.2 billion) at retail value. Unlike many product categories in Japan, pet products are unusual since foreign manufacturers, especially in pet food, have the largest market shares rather than domestic Japanese companies.
Report: Petrochemicals and Polymeric Materials in Japan
This report gives an overview of Japan’s chemical industry.
Report: Photonics for life science and industrial manufacturing, business and cooperation opportunities in Japan
The report aims at giving EU SMEs the market intelligence to make better-informed decisions when entering the Japanese market.
Report: Post-Pandemic Industries - Opportunities for EU & Japanese Businesses in Adapting Together
The research aims to show how the pandemic has affected our industries so far, and how it will in the years to come.
Report: Practical Booklet on 7 Major cities in Japan
This report is designed as a travel guide to Japan and gives detailed practical information on the country.
Report: Product Liability in Japan
This report issued by Thomson Reuters is written as an informative Q&A and provides comprehensive information on many aspects of product liability in Japan.
Report: Product Regulation, Safety and Recall in Japan
This report issued by Thomson Reuters is written as an informative Q&A and provides comprehensive information on these different points.
Report: Railways Market in Japan
The report analyses recent developments of the Japanese railway industry. From a European perspective, the Japanese railroad sector exhibits many peculiarities that make it significantly different from railroad markets in EU countries.
Report: Recent Evolution of Japanese Outbound Tourism and Recommendations for EU SMEs
The main purpose of this report is to analyse factors affecting travel of the Japanese citizens to Europe, and present useful recommendations for the representatives of the tourist industry.
Report: Regional Food Products in Japan
This report provides an overview of the regional food products market in Japan.
Report: Robotics in Japan
This report provides an overview of the Japanese robotics market, outlines key future-growth areas and provides information on general future trends within this market.
Report: Sector Mapping and Industry Landscape of the Cleantech Industry in Japan
This report gives a brief overview of various cities and sectors of the clean-tech industry in Japan.
Report: Semiconductor market in Japan
Semiconductor industry is changing on a global scale and more and more European companies are presented with the incentives to join its global value chain.
Report: Smart Cities in Japan
This report assesses the potential for EU-Japan cooperation and business development within the smart cities sector.
Report: Smart Farming Technology in Japan and Opportunities for EU Companies
This report provides interested European SMEs with a sophisticated insight into the opportunities and key success factors for the Japanese smart farming market.
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