Report: Japanese Convenience Stores and Drugstores: Opportunities for European Snack and Beverage Products under Corona
This report presents an overview of trends and opportunities on the Japanese convenience store and drugstore market under the Corona pandemic and delivers strategic insight, tactical guidance and real-life examples of how to succeed in the Japanese convenience store and drugstore market.
Report: Japanese Cosmetics Market Obstacles and Opportunities for European SMEs
The report attempts to provide an overview of the Japanese cosmetic market.
Report: Japanese Electronics Sector

About the Report:

Report: Japanese ICT Clusters
This report analyses Japan’s ICT Industry.
Report: Japanese Plastic Products and Components

About the Report

This report titled 'Plastic Products and Components

Report: Japanese Railway Market
This report gives an overview of the Japanese railway market
Report: Japanese-European Mergers & Acquisitions: Cross-cultural challenges and keys to post-M&A success
“Japanese-European M&As: Cross-cultural challenges and keys to post-M&A success” aims to better understand the reasons why European-Japanese M&As have not been more successful in the post-M&A process.
Report: Japan’s Private Equity and Venture Capital Landscape for EU SMEs and Start-ups
The capital market for SMEs and start-ups consists of several segments, ranging from SME lending and crowdfunding to business angels and venture capital markets.
Report: Latest trends in biotechnology research in Japan
Japan spends consistently over 3% of its GDP on R&D, of which some 70% come from industry. Concerning biotech-related R&D, more than half is directed towards pharmaceutical and medical goals.
Report: Latest Trends in Japan Nanotech Sector
Nanotechnology is key sector for the future of our industry, and Japan is emerging as a leader of this field. 
Report: Local Decarbonisation in Japan - Municipalities, Regions and Clusters on the Road to Carbon Neutrality
This report takes a look at Japan’s decarbonisation strategies, with a focus on the local and regional levels.
Report: Management of Contract Terms in Japan
This report is intended to help EU companies with the management of credits and liabilities when establishing contracts in Japan with Japanese business partners.
Report: Mapping of EU R&D Centres in Japan
This report gives an overview of EU companies with R&D centres in Japan and suggests several reasons for their establishment.
Report: Market for Safety and Protective Equipment in Japan
This report gives an overview of the Japanese market for personal protective equipment, such as helmets, safety goggles or protective footwear.
Report: Market Situation and Potentials in Japan for Plastic Recycling Technologies
What business opportunities does the Japanese plastic recycling market offer to EU SMEs?
Report: Marketing Challenges when targeting the Japanese market
Japan has the 3rd largest GDP worldwide, its population is over 125million, bigger than any single EU country. It’s the fifth largest market for Made-in-Italy products and France exports over €0.5bn of wine annually. Japanese consumers love brands whether they be in food, personal care products like cosmetics, fashion, luxury goods or cars.
Report: Nanotech - Wearable Technologies
This report examines the opportunities within the wearable technology sectors for EU companies in Japan.
Report: Nanotech Cluster and Industry Landscape in Japan
This report aims to provide an overview of the Japanese nanotech sector, its structure and the industry landscape.
Report: Newspace Market in Japan
The report will provide information regarding the main players in the Japanese Space Industry, applicable regulations for Japanese companies, and identified suppliers related to the space sector.
Report: Online Language-Learning Market in Japan
This report gives a detailed overview of the educational products and services which contitute the e-Learning market in Japan.
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